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dear friend
9/26 8:37:35

I am in charge of occupational health and safety in 20 clothes store all around venezuela. We have plenty of workers complyning of pain due to long lasting standing. It is forbbiden to have chaires. Especcially girls have troubles with varicouse veins. The cashiers stand for more than 5 hours in the same position. what could I do?

Core Health Darien
Core Health Darien  

Dr McKay
Dr McKay  
Since chairs have been banned here are some suggestions that I hope will help. Inserts are not very expensive. The long periods of standing can break down the arches in the feet. An inexpensive support or orthotic will allow the person to stand for longer periods of time with less pain. This becomes more important as we age. If the workers are wearing shoes that lack support perhaps you could subsidize shoe purchases. The cheaper the shoe the less support it will offer. On a side note some of the most expensive shoes lack support. Your feet do not need a fashion statement they need support.
There are anti-fatigue mats made out of a soft rubber that will allow for standing with less pain. I should mention that I prefer hard orthotics over soft ones because they offer more support.My next suggestion is an attempt at humor, hire men who don't care about varicose veins.

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