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displaced fracture 1st rib
9/26 8:43:13


I discovered yesterday that some 22 years ago I fractured my right clavicle (medial end), 1st rib and the right transverse process of my 1st thoracic vertebrae. The fracture to the TP was described as being 'displaced'. I have been complaining of earache, headache, eyeache, neck ache, shoulder ache, pins and needles and arm ache all on my right side. I wondered if my symptons could be due to the old fractures and if so would a chiropractor be able to help.


My step son actually broke his transverse process in a ATV accident. Upon Hearing this I thought well he can't be in that much pain. However I was shocked to see how much pain he actually was in and to top it off they had him on a morphine drip! So needless to say i take these types of fractures very seriously.

First and foremost your condition is called thoracic outlet syndrome. The combination of the fracture(s) and displacements that have occurred have caused your TOS.

I do opine that you should seek the care of a competent Chiropractor. He may elect to adjust above and below the fracture sight. This may in turn geive you some much needed relief.

My concerns if you presented at my office would be if the displaced portion should be removed or fused by an orthopedic surgeon. I am not saying it should be but I think an orthopedic work up is pertinent.

The symptoms you are experiencing are a direct result of pressure on the neves that emit from the upper back and neck area and pas through the thorasic spine, the first rib and your clavicle.

Here are a few links for you to do some research:Just left click and hit open in a new tab.

Hope this information helps your healthcare decision making.

Dr John Q Quackenbush
Phoenix Chiropractor

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