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9/26 8:41:43

I started having facial numb/tingling with pain in October. I carved a pumpkin, lifted heavy items, etc. so not sure how it happened.  The symptoms progressed to right sided neck pain, shoulder and arm pain. My bottom lip has a pain in it and my chin and jaw tingle and hurt if I talk to much.  I am aware of swallowing and at times it hurts. I have had MRI and CAT scans without any problem and been worked up by a neurologist who said I have some components of hypoglossol issues but also seems shoulder or cervical.  If I bend my head forward the top of my neck burns. If I use my right arm, it hurts from all the way behind my ear to my arm. I initially tried aggressive and painful massage and this did not help. I am thinking SMT may help me, but am unsure? I read a case report on how SMT helped a young woman who had hypoglossol involvement. Who does this type of treatment? I am also wondering if an upper cervical chiropractor may help or do they do SMT? I am desperate for a path. Please advise. Grateful for your help, Kathy

you may have a pinched nerve that is not showing up on mri or cat scan. i would see either an upper cervical chiropractor or a regular (non upper cerv) chiropractor. you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say SMT.  

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