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low back pain
9/26 8:38:03

Dr. MCKay          I am a 43 year old male that is into weight training. Last night I was cleaning the house and I picked up a 15 dumbbell using the golfer's lift method. I lifted it by standing on my left leg and reaching down and forward picked it up with my left hand. Now if I bend to touch my toes I experience pain in my right lower back. I usually can touch them without pain. I have no pain with extension and bring lying hip flexion causes both back and a hernia like pain in below McBurney's point. Is there any stretching exercises that would help? Could the major psoa been strained which would possibly cause tighter hamstrings?

Darien chiropractor
Darien chiropractor  
You seem to have a solid level of knowledge about the body. So if you are certain that it is Mc Burney's point and it is totally related to picking up the 15  lb. weight.  Here is a link Try it out and see if you feel better.If it does not help then read on.
Now if it is something else I would recommend that you see a chiropractor.Let's not forget the mechanical you. You lifted the weight while on one foot causing asymmetrical havoc on your body. Give the stretch a few days to take if that does not help. By all means see a chiropractor. The fact that you are in good shape means less down time and less number of visits to fix the problem. Doing it sooner rather than later also cuts down on the length of care.
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