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*Arthritis And The Effects Of Resentment / Anger
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Resentments and anger can be one cause of arthritis. Combine resentments and anger with the accumulation of inorganic calcium deposits in the cartilage of the joints, and you hurt.

As the afflicted cartilage has a magnetic attraction for inorganic calcium atoms, the blood deposits them there instead of in some other part of the anatomy, such as in this case of hemorrhoids.

In arthritis they solidity the cartilage and ligaments, while in hemorrhoids they form a coagulated blood fibrin. In either case, the eating of foods containing these inorganic calcium atoms does not create even the slightest suspicion of what eventually may take place.

Once an arthritic deposit has taken root, however, it becomes progressively menacing until actual bone distortion may take place. The enlargement of the joints is usually the first sign after the occasional short of sharp pain at shorter or longer intervals make themselves felt. Once this process starts it becomes a matter of routine and this deposit becomes cumulative.

On of the most effective elements with which to help dissolve this inorganic, incrustated calcium has been found in grapefruit, in its organic salicylic acid content. One or more pints of fresh grapefruit juice daily helps to dissolve this accumulation of foreign matter. Canned juice is useless for this purpose.

Dissolving the inorganic calcium however, is only the first step in the course of this regeneration. It is so hard to acknowledge RESENTMENTS and anger then to banish them but, this is the first step necessary to help you get over arthritis.

The calcium must be removed from the body, so you add celery juice which helps keep the calcium from forming. You must also nourish the nerves and muscles of the large and small intestines.

This process can be painful at times, sometimes more than others, but I have seen sufferers go through it and become more active than ever before. It requires will power and the cooperation of everyone interested in the victim’s welfare, but the results have proved to be worth it.

Vaccines, drugs, heat, electricity, and a variety of orthodox nostrums have proved valueless as remedies. The elimination of pain does not cure the cause. It masks it and then later you pay the consequences of the drugs.

If the human body is suffering as a result of the transgression of the fundamental laws governing its nutrition, then cleansing the debris and waste from the system and nourishing it with the vital organic atoms of fresh raw vegetables and fruits, cannot help but restore the ebbing energy and vitality...

When such nourishment has been taken in the form of fresh raw juices properly extracted, the results have been speedier and more pronounced, once RESENTMENTS and anger are removed from the consciousness.

Do this, print on a 3 x 5 card and memorize it and say it over and over until it becomes second nature to you…

“I am not responsible for what others do or day. I am only responsible for how I react to what others do or say.”

Since learning these words in 1974 I have not lost my temper once. I have been angry at times, but controlled anger, which is quickly gone. I have been upset but that is quickly gone.

It takes practice. I just wish I had known this phrase while raising 4 children. It would have made their lives happier and mine more peaceful.

Best of Health,
Margie “The Arthritis Lady”
I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too

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