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Treat Reactive Rheumatoid Arthritis with Minocycline Drops
9/23 15:21:05

It is necessary to understand the differences between reactive and rheumatoid arthritis. In case of reactive arthritis it is quite likely that patients will suffer from this form of arthritis if their blood tests indicate presence of arthritis and if their knuckles and middle joints of fingers are swollen and also if they have an infection that is of a long standing nature and in addition, it is suspected even when they experience pain that began before they have attained the age of fifty.

Fighting Shy Of Prescribing Antibiotics

In the case of reactive and rheumatoid arthritis it has also been found that a number of rheumatologists fight shy of prescribing antibiotics to treat rheumatoid arthritis sufferers. However, there is enough evidence to suggest that giving patients that have suffered from or who are suffering from reactive or rheumatoid arthritis minocycline drops can actually prove to be very effective in curing the diseases.

It has also been found that both reactive and rheumatoid arthritis are very painful conditions and so one way of providing relief from the pain suffered on account of reactive or rheumatoid arthritis is to give the patient minocycline drops.

A few doctors do exhibit boldness by prescribing minocycline drops for patients suffering from reactive or rheumatoid arthritis. About hundred milligrams of minocycline taken twice in a day is considered sufficient to provide relief though at the same time care must be taken that the patient does not have to deal with the rare but still prevalent side effects that accompany taking of this particular form of antibiotics.

Patients that have been prescribed taking of hundred milligrams of minocycline that is taken twice daily for about two months should report improvement in their reactive and rheumatoid arthritis conditions. If however, their condition does not improve in this time it may be necessary to supplement the minocycline drops with some immune suppressants which are normally prescribed by a majority of rheumatologists. Once the patient then reports improvement in their condition the rheumatologist might discontinue taking of immune suppressants and will just persist with giving the patient some more antibiotics.

Antibiotics have also been found to be very effective in curing osteoarthritis and it is also known that reactive arthritis occurs when the person’s antibodies begin attacking and then destroying cartilage in their joints. When reactive arthritis occurs on account of infections, using antibodies is the best way to cure the condition.

Arthritis is not just one disease but it comprises more than one hundred different conditions and diseases. Among the more common of these diseases and conditions, osteoarthritis stands out as too does gout and rheumatoid arthritis.

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