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Home Remedies For Rheumatoid Arthritis, Effective Natural Treatment
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Rheumatoid arthritis is a crippling problem which can cause massive disability by causing painful joints and joint destruction. A malfunctioning immune system can cause rheumatoid arthritis. Some of the common symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are; fragile, easily chipped and thin fingernails, hair with less luster and excess hair loss, stomach ache after eating meals, poor absorption of iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin B12, bloating, belching and more likely to catch colds and flu than others.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Home Remedies

There are several home remedies for rheumatoid arthritis which are simple to follow and safe to be tried at home. Some of the popular home remedies for arthritis are:

1. One of the effective home remedies for rheumatoid arthritis is to exercise regularly. It makes the muscles around your joints strong. But remember not to overdo any exercise as it can cause more harm instead of doing any good.

2. Heat and cold method is also one of the efficient home remedies for rheumatoid arthritis. You can take a hot bath for fifteen minutes or use hot pack on the affected joint. In order to dull the sensation of pain you should use the cold method. It will decrease muscle spasms and numb the area. You can even try soaking the affected area in cold water or use ice pack on the region. Those suffering from numbness or poor circulation should not use cold treatments.

3. Reduce stress in your life which will help you to cope with the pain. Techniques such as guided imagery, muscle relaxation, hypnosis and deep breathing will help you to control pain.

4. Since ginger is known to have gingerols, every day you can try consuming ginger tea.

5. Turmeric is also very effective in giving relief from the pain caused by arthritis. Make it a habit of daily consuming a teaspoon of turmeric powder with lukewarm water.

6. Flax seeds oil is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. These omega-3 fatty acids are very helpful in producing prostaglandins. These prostaglandins are very helpful in reducing the pain and inflammation.

7. Try to apply sandalwood powder paste on the affected area to give it a cooling effect. In order to prepare the paste, just take some water and one teaspoon of sandalwood powder. Mix them properly to form a paste.

8. Take a juice of single orange and add fish or cod liver oil in it. Now whip this juice and drink before going to sleep.

9. Eat food rich in calcium such as cheese, fish, milk and yoghurt.

10. Having a single raw clove of garlic everyday is very helpful in treating rheumatoid arthritis.

11. Take some fresh leaves of bathua and extract their juice. Now consume two teaspoons of this juice on an empty stomach for next two to three months.

12. One of the most popular home remedies for arthritis is the use of turmeric powder. Consume half teaspoon of turmeric powder with warm water two times every day.

13. Guggulu is an herb which is very effective and widely used to treat arthritis. Consume it after your meal twice in a day.

These were some of the effective home remedies for rheumatoid arthritis which are simple, cheap and easy to use.

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