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3 Ways To Quickly Get Rid Of Headaches And Neck Pain
9/23 9:30:16
A headache can be debilitating, but when your neck seizes up and you can't move properly it seems so much worse.

No one wants to stop for a headache and neck pain, so below are my three top tips for managing the pain.

1.Hydration - We are all partly water and when this reduces and we become dehydrated our bodies will object. On of the ways the body tell us they are needing water is with headaches. Some research suggests that as many as 95% of headaches could be prevented with water.

2.Hot And Cold Compacts " Tension in you neck can cause a headache, equally a headache can cause you to tense up and your neck to become stiff " the chicken and egg of headaches. Treat your neck as much as you would treat your headache. Try alternating hot and cold compacts to increase the blood flow and loosen the neck muscles.

3.Review Your Lifestyle - Changing your life is a long process, but there is no doubt that headaches are a lifestyle symptom. Headaches can be caused by stress, environmental factors or even by certain foods. It is important to isolate what causes your headaches. A good way to do this is the keep a diary. For every headache you should write down where you where, the environment (hot, cold, office, dinner party, etc) and also what you had eaten that day or the night before. Eventually a pattern will emerge - don't expect to see this after just a couple of headaches it can take a while.

A headache is a symptom of a lifestyle. You should never consider your headaches as a life sentence, there are always ways to improve the situation.

Apart for traditional medications you should also consider alternative therapies, the above tips are a way to help your self and alternative therapies work along these lines so it is worth researching them a little more if you are new to the idea.

Always bare in mind that a healthy lifestyle and a relaxed and happy mood will help your headaches and neck pains.

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