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Running with a Bad Knee
9/22 9:15:32

Your knees are hurting, and you are wondering if you should run or jog with hurting knees! You must read this article as it tells you what you should be doing ideally.

If you are a hardcore runner or sprinter, having a bad knee is something you would never wish for. But even if you are not a sports person, but run as part of your daily exercise regimen, then too, bad knees can put off your mood. Bad knees are generally associated with older people, as their knee joints deteriorate due to old age and decreased immunity. But in adults, there are many other reasons for bad knee problems, such as, excessive strain on knees, injury to the knees, accidents in which the knees or legs are hurt, various diseases that affect the joints, and side effects of medicines on the joints.

Whatever the underlying reason, it is advisable to avoid running, jogging, skipping, or jumping while having a bad knee. Suffering from pain in the knees once in a while is not a cause of worry, but if you develop chronic knee pain or frequent knee pain, without any apparent reason, then it is advisable to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Doctors generally inquire about medical history and analyze the x-ray reports or CT scan to diagnose the underlying cause of knee pain and suggest the treatment accordingly. But for not so serious knee pain cases, which are generally caused when we strain the knees excessively. It could happen if you exercise, dance, walk, jog, or run excessively on a particular day.

Tips to Cure Bad Knees

Cold Compress: Using a cold compress on the hurting knee is known to be very effective in healing knee pain. All you have to do is wrap some ice cubes in a cotton cloth or handkerchief and place the pack on the knees for ten to fifteen minutes. It will help to get rid of the swelling on the hurting area, and would also numb the knees so that you do not feel much pain. Apart from this, you can use a cold towel, or commercial cold compress which serves the same purpose.

Pain Killers: Some over the counter pain killer can also help give quick relief from a bad knee. But remember to consult you doctor before you consume any of the over the counter medicines and drugs. It is advantageous to visit a doctor as he will be able to prescribe you medicines that would be compatible with your current health status. Apart from this, over the counter drugs carry the risk of side effects which can further add to your problems.

Massage Therapy: A light knee or leg massage can also provide relief from pain due to a bad knee. But again, you have to be cautious as, wrong, inadequate, and improper massage can worsen the knee pain further. So always opt for a professional massage therapist, who is fully aware of your knee condition, and is an expert in the field.

Warm Shower or Warm Water Soak: Soaking legs in the warm water can sooth the muscles and ligaments of the legs including the knees. A hot water shower can provide some relief to the bad knee, as it increases the blood circulation in the area, resulting in soothing the contracted muscles and joints. But make sure that the water is lukewarm and not hot as, hot water can cause redness in the area.

Those were some of the tips that you can use in order to ease knee pain, resulting from bad knees. Stretching exercises also play a major role in reliving the strain from the muscles and joints in the body. Some light leg stretching exercises for bad knees soothe ligaments in the knees, and it would also correct the knee bone location in case the knee cap or other bones are dislocated. But, you must perform such stretching exercises under the guidance of a physiotherapist or a fitness trainer.

If you have to exercise, then some mild exercises such as, cycling and swimming can be performed, as they put relatively little stress on the knees, and hence they can be performed safely when you experience bad knees. But to be on the safe side, refrain from rigorous physical or lower leg activities that can aggravate bad knee pain further.

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