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Thoracic Bursitis
9/26 9:27:51

Severe Left Side Thoracic Back Pain
Negative tests include:  MRI, CT Scan, Xray
Unsuccessful treatments:  Chiropractic, Steroid Spinal Injections, Deep Muscle Massage, Physical Therapy (could not endure)

Recent Diagnosis from Neurosurgeon:  Bursitis
Suggested Treatment:  Ionotophoresis, and Electrical Stimulation
Question:  Is this Scapulo Thoracic Crepitis and Bursitis?
         Should it have shown up on the MRI?
         If not, is there a definite way to diagnosis it?
         Is this the best treatment?

Hanna Somatic Education(R)
Hanna Somatic Educatio  
Hi, Lana,

The problem with MRIs isn't that it doesn't show thing, but that radiologists aren't trained to recognize muscular contractions.  They look for damage and degeneration.  

Muscular contractions cause bursitis by increasing the tension on tendons that ride across bursas.  Crepitus also comes from tight muscles, as neighboring muscles and bones slide across them.

For more information, I'd like to direct you to write-ups I've posted: (see bursitis)  

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