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do you actually move bones?
9/26 9:01:16

I was wondering if chiropractors physically move bones when giving treatments if warranted?
Are the bones actually out of place and physically manipulated back into place?
If this is not the case, what is actually accomplished in the process?


Thanks for the question.

There are situations that a patient has a bone "out of place" and yes, manipulation does move the bones.  Most of the time, the vertebrae are "stuck or fixated" in an abnormal motion pattern.  The manipulation restores the normal movement and function and eliminates the abnormal motion pattern.  There are times that a vertebrae will be rotated or lateral flexed or flexed or extended and is considered "out of place".  When manipulated, the vertebrae is put "back in place" and the normal motion is restored.

I hope this answers your question.

Dr. Boss

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