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widows hump/neck pain
9/26 8:54:45

I'm 38 years old, and have recieved treatment for back and neck pain over an eight year period.  An oesteopath who had treated me mentioned I was developing a widows hump, which I have been trying to correct through good posture.  This does not seem to be worsening at this stage.

I also find my head comes forward of its correct position, causing acute pain.  Again, I have exercises to help correct this, but my neck often cracks as I turn my head.

In addition, I have a very large chest (34J).  My main question really, is could this contribute to my neck problems?  And would consulting someone about a reduction be worthwhile?

I feel very nervous about speaking to my GP about this, and maybe your advice would help me.

Thank you.

Hi Sue,

The short answer is, yes this could contribute to neck problems.  It is usually not the primary cause.  But you have had trouble to begin with so this may well aggravate.

I don't know of any data to say that a breast reduction changes the progress of neck troubles.  It is a good theory, however.

It sounds as if you are doing all that you can to stabilize the situation.  Ask the osteopath and your GP.  It would be surprising for them to feel that this an odd idea.  It is perfectly sensible.

Hope this helps a bit.

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