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low back and numbness in left foot
9/26 8:54:43

Injured my lower back working out about 6 months ago.  The symptoms of this pain were consistent with SI joint dysfunction.  In addition, my left leg started to feel somewhat numb. It would go away with a day's rest...right now, numbness is minimal and restricted to only the big toe. Went for an MRI which showed submaximal height between L5 and S1, but nothing egregious.  Have seen a doctor and three physical therapists.  The PTs just keep giving me exercises to correct my posture.  I can see the importance of this, but the exercise that injured me is supposed to strengthen/recruit the abs and glutes!  I desperately want to get back to exercising but don't want to create an even worse condition for myself.  Any ideas? I definitely want to see a chiropractor but have heard mixed opinions about them.

First, have no fear.  A good chiropractor will assess your condition, and go after the CAUSE.  Your PT's try to change the symptoms, most times never getting the cause.  Talk to friends that see a chiropractor; don't always go for the big yellow pages ads.  Word of mouth is the best way to find the one for you.

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