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Cervical molding and N.A.E.T.
9/26 8:54:32

I've read your many responses to people with reverse curvature of cervical spine; my two teenage girls and I all were told we have the same thing--severly.  We all suffer from headaches and I have neck and back pain.  First time we were ever at a chiropractor we were told this.  He does adjustments and we are out of there in about 6 minutes total.  I was told we need cervical molding, but he would discuss that later.  I've tried to find information on it but found nothing.  Also he is really pushing this "really neat, new therapy" called N.A.E.T.  though none of us have allergies.  My gut is saying "thanks for the back and neck cracks, felt great; goodbye".  But then I worry about my girls having these "reverse curves". I asked about mentioning this to a neurologist and he was adament that they wouldn't agree.  Go with my gut? Or do you think this has merit?  Thank you.


N.A.E.T. is an unscientific and in-valid program.  The use of a muscle testing scheme to determine if you have an allergy or a nutritional deficiency is proven to be no better than chance.  It does not have merit.  If all of your girls have reverse curves, and you all weren't whiplashed in a car crash, then it goes to wonder about neck curves as a possible inherited trait.   Nobody's proven that you're health will improve or your pain will go away by restoring a neck curve.  I'd suggest you get the care you need to not have spine pain or headaches, and not to focus on the neck curve.  Until the curve restoration camp can prove that their methods are valid and that they benefit the patient when other, more conservative, cost-effective, and seemingly rational approaches are available, then it makes no sense to put yourself and your daughters through such a process.   We used to do "molding" by lying on our back across a tightly rolled-up towel placed across the top of our shoulders, draping our necks over the towel.  This costs nothing.  We don't know if it really molded anything.   I'd suggest discussing this with a chiropractor that is more evidence-based and rational in their treatment approach.  You need to get the right gut feeling...

'Hope this was helpful..

Dr. G

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