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Neck & Ankle pain
9/26 8:54:29

I have a reoccurring problem with both my neck and ankle.  One day I am fine, the next I will wake up with a severe stiff neck, unable to move my head at all.  In addition to sudden, severe neck pain,  I also have ankle pain.  One day I am fine, the next I am unable to bear weight on my ankle.  This has occurred 2X this year, both times the pain is pretty bad.  I know it sounds crazy but, any idea what could be wrong??

Dear Dave,

There is really no clear cut connection between the ankle pain and the neck pain.  Anatomically they are connected by the kinetic chain of movement and the myofascial slings of the body, but a direct cause and effect relationship is not really there.  That being said dysfunction in the lower portions of the body can effect the function of the upper aspects of the body, but that would need to be determined with a functional examination of both areas.

The most likely scenario is that you have dysfunction in both areas that is separate and distinct from one another, and will likely need to be addressed separately.  I encourage you to actually address the issue and schedule a functional examination of the neck and ankle.  This should include specific orthopedic tests to stress the tissue in each location, active range of motion, resistance of the muscular system, and gait analysis (how you walk).  A chiropractic physician with an emphasis in sports injury is a good choice because they will have advanced knowledge of the walking cycle and lower limb kinetic chain as well as a sound knowledge of spinal kinematics.

Good Luck Dave.

Dr. J. Shawn Leatherman  

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