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hairline fracture
9/26 8:53:06

i am a 20 year old boy boy. i had bike accident 2 days ago. x-ray said that it is a hairline fracture. now how long does it take to heal and how long should i take remove the plasting


If a stress fracture occurs in a weightbearing bone, healing will be delayed or prevented by continuing to put weight on that limb.Rest is the only way to completely heal a stress fracture.

The average time of complete rest from the activity that caused the stress fracture is three weeks. A fracture requires 4 to 8 weeks of recuperation, however, which may include no more than light use of the injured body part, as long as the activity does not cause pain.

After the recuperative period, another 2 weeks of mild activity without any pain may be recommended before the bone may be safely considered healed and activity may gradually increase.

You will need to follow your doctor's advice regarding removal of the cast and resuming your normal activities.

I hope that this answers your question.

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