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Cracking Sternum / Costochondritis
9/26 8:51:59

I am a 24 yr old male. About a year ago my chest would feel tight and by arching my back and stretching I could crack my sternum which would cease the tightness. After a while of doing this it started causing a little pain right after cracking but would go away soon after. It was almost like a sore feeling.

Eventually the pain got worse, and when I started to work out again it caused too much pain to continue with any chest work. I went to the Doctors and they said it was costochondritis. I got chest x-rays which came back negative.

It has been 3 months now and the pain has not gotten any better. I have not cracked it for a month but my sternum on the left side is constantly tight and if I move abruptly I will get a severe shot of pain and it will ache.

I'm assuming the cracking of my chest may have caused some trauma causing the costo. Have you ever heard of this problem and is there any work I can get done to help heal? I also feel popping and get pain in my back as well, could I have dislocated a rib from cracking?

Thank you!

These conditions are quite common and only require finding a Chiropractor to utilize therapeutic ultrasound to speed the healing of the avascular tissue of the injured area at the sterno-costo articulatation. you will need glucosamine sulfate with msm to ensure proper healing, this is vital for your success.

The second issue is easily resolved with spinal manipulatory avascular tissue ans heals very slow and will require additional supplements to speed things up such as glucosamine sulfate and

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