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Hashimoto Thyroid
9/26 8:51:00

I have tried a number of meds. Synthroid, than Armour, now Levoxyl + Cytomel. Nothing does well I contiue with a number of symptoms. Currently I am experiencing arrythmia & muscle cramps and suspect my meds are too high. Is there some place else that should be looked at, such as parathryroid, for better results?  Can a broncoscopy injure the Parathyroid?

There certainly is someplace that should be looked at.  That place is the source that runs all of the cells of your body including your Thyroid and Para-Thyroid.  If that source is somehow dis-connected from the Thyroid in any amount, the Thyroid will malfunction to the same extent as to the amount of mis-communication.

What is this Master Area?
Your Brainstem, thats right your Brainstem runs your Thyroid, and an Upper Neck Injury can cause interference between the Brainstem and the Thyroid and cause abnormal function in your Thyroid.
How common is this?  So common that literally every single person that has ever come to us with a Thyroid problem has had a nervous system interference at the Brainstem level.  
To take it one step further, those same people have all shown much improvement or complete wellness after receiving our Specific Care.
Drugs or surgery is not the answer and going to the Thyroid for answers is merely looking at the effects rather than correcting the cause.
There is a much better way to do things, can you come to St Louis for an evaluation? I can tell you on the same day if we can help you or not.  Most times I can help, and if by chance I cannot I will tell you where to go to get the help you need, so either way you will win.

Yours in Best Health,
Dr Arnone
St Louis, MO

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