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9/26 8:50:37

My 7 yr old son was diagnosed with Reflux 5 years ago & is on daily medication for it.  I've been to every doctor there is to try help him thrive (he only weighs 34 lbs), but he is developmentally great in all other aspects.  I have never talked to a Chiropractor about it though.  A good friend thinks the world of her Chiropractor and the help he has given her daughter.  She thinks I should meet with him.  My question to you is if a Chiropractor would be able to offer any new insight to me.  It just isn't anything I've ever thought of.  Reflux and a Chiropractor?

Hi Kim,

Actually, it's worth a try.   There are lots of cases of GI issues helped by chiropractors.  The physiology may have to do with what are called somatovisceral reflexes.  In other words, working on the musculoskeletal system can cause reflex signals to internal organs.  Sometimes rubbing your belly can make your stomach feel better if it's upset, for example.  Lots of infants have been helped with colic.  I have a few cases of adults that are sure that the joint manipulation to their thoracic spines reduce their GI Reflux.  The risks are miniscule compared to the benefits.   Have your son try a few treatment sessions (like three) and note if there is any progress at all.  If there is no change by six sessions, odds are it's not working - or - the methods used are not the right methods for your son.   Acupuncuture also would be a good idea.   Again, don't get drawn into extensive courses of treatment.  You should notice some changes early on.  

Hope this helps.

Dr. G

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