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rupshered tendon on bicept at top of arm
9/26 8:45:48

i am a plasterer aged 40 i need full use of my arm is surgery my best option and how long to a full recovery if you could tell me please

if it is a total rupture then there is nothing you can do , but surgery. Sorry for the bad news. On a good note, there are things you can take, that do to speed up your recovery. There are some herbs that help with connective tissue repair. See a good nutritionist or you could email me and i could get you some powerful herbs to repair quickly after surgery, i suggest you take them before surgery too. my website offers a free nutrition consult on the main page.
also, you should definitely get cold laser therapy (LLLT) immediately after surgery. that will heal and repair the tissue much faster then anything else can. It will also break up scar tissue from the surgery. It's also very safe with no side effects.
I am providing you with links on my site, that explain cold laser.

If it's a PARTIAL tear then i would immediately start cold laser (with herbs)everyday for at least 2 - 3 weeks straight or as doctor orders.
make sure you do not take NSAID's while doing cold laser.

good luck!
David Kulla ,DC

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