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Frequency of Adjustments
9/26 8:44:35

Hi - I am 40 yrs old and overall in very good health.  I have had chiropractic adjustments over the years from the same chiropractor in Boston mainly on an "as needed basis" since I have very tight muscles particularly in the neck & back and struggle with maintaining good posture.  I recently moved out of the city and wanted to find a chiropractor closer to home so I went for an initial visit last week in which the doctor did a quick exam and took xrays.  When I went for a second visit yesterday, I was told that I am in "phase II of spinal degeneration" and that my course of treatment will require 4 visits/week for 4 weeks followed by 3 visits/week until week 12.  He refuses to treat me if I don't come in at that frequency and claims it is necessary in order to achieve wellness and correct my spinal issues.  Keep in mind I do not have any acute pain whatsoever, however, I have not had massage or chiropractic in six months and have had occasional aches & pains, have tight muscles and want to focus on improving my posture.  I went in to the appt. with an open mind expecting to go a bit more frequently initially but this seems unreasonable and I have no plans to return to that chiropractor.  What are your thoughts on this?  Also, do you agree with my pattern of seeing a chiropractor on an as-needed basis?  Historically, I would go on average once/month and my chiropractor would spend 15 minutes on muscle work (deep massage) followed by adjusting my neck, mid back and lower back and I found this to be rejuvanating, similar to a deep tissue massage.  I'm not sure if my "condition" is something I should actively address with a series of chiropractic visits for a defined period (i.e. 1-2/week for a month) and then continue to do more strengthening exercises on my own, or if it is truly ok for me to go to a chiropractor for "maintainance" adjustments indefinitely and infrequently.  Thanks in advance and I look forward to your reply!

Hi Stephanie,

I think you should get his treatment plan in writing as well as a copy of your initial intake form where you described your current state of health and send it to your state licensing board.   What you encountered is absolute rubbish.  There was no reason for you to be exposed to x-ray radiation!   Phase-2 degeneration is genetic!  It has nothing to do with your posture and it will not ever change no matter how many chiropractic adjustments you receive.  Current evidence based guidelines support my position on this.   We are trying to get rid of this bad element in the chiropractic profession.  If you don't blow the whistle, who will?   Find an evidence-based, patient-centered, quality-care doctor of chiropractic via  If none of these doctors are in your area, simply call or email one and ask for a referral.   You'll be in good hands.  

Sorry for the bad news.  I hope you follow up with this.


Dr. G

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