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Sciatica, Lower back injury, Ligament tear, Piriformis????
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I'm 30yr old Ugandan (E. Africa) male i used to work out {mainly jog, do sit ups and stretch} daily, played tennis twice a week. The pain started immediately after an uphill (very steep hill) contest-silly i know, I think I either twisted or tore something not sure. It has now been 2 years, no major changes for better or worse.
The nature of my work is such that i sit on a computer all day...)

The pain is localized around my lower left butt, towards the hip area-near the joints. Pain is felt mainly when I bend to touch my toe, when doing a humstring stretch, bend or do the piriformis stretch, or the piriformis nerve floss-PAIN IS MOST EVIDENT WITH THIS.
My lower back seems ok, though oddly I have no problem sitting just discomfort after sitting for long hours-not pain. No pain when sleeping, driving, walking and almost all other activities. Pretty much normal till I stretch -strange, strange, strange. When the Chiro asked me where I felt the pain, I literally forgot because it only shows up when I stretch, I had to stretch to locate the pain.
I also feel like my lower back is really very weak, some times I抣l feel a little pain (2 out of 5).

It has not stopped me from daily activities, since the pain only shows up when I抦 stretching. Otherwise I抦 almost normal, i miss playing tennis and jogging all of which i've given up since the pains begun-coming to one year now.
I have since discontinued all my workouts and any such activities.

I would greatly appreciate any advice, experience, literature and any help you can share with me.

The doctors, chiro & physios I have seen have said that what I抦 suffering from is probably a tear of a gluteus muscle, such as the gluteus maximus. We have tried various things some have told me to stretch others advised against it. Nothing seems to make it better or worse. I can still carry on with daily activites and feel no pain, except when I stretch. I only feel this pain when I stretch. When doing the Piriformis nerve floss is when I feel the pain.

Most recent doc is now saying his never heard of this and referring me to an orthopedic surgeon, I抦 getting tired and desparate.

I've attached a photo showing the areas where i feel the pain and discomfort, marked in red and black outline.

Thank you,


Hello Mikey,

   You may want to see a Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in Sport/Soft Tissue injuries.
They will be able to determine the exact area of the injury.  Treatment may consist of Myofascial Release, Active Release, or other soft tissue techniques.  You may want to find a doctor who is knowledgeable in the aforementioned. Treatment will help restore the normal biomechanics of glutes, pelvis, and leg.

Have a great day,
Dr. Brendon O'Brien D.C.

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