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May 2009 MRI photo
Hello, I have been experiencing a "popping" that occurs between my neck and my skull. I had ACDF surgery in April 2009 and have had PT, massages, daily applications of heat and ice, Celebrex and Muscle Relaxers and was also taking Vicodin up until about 2 months ago.  My understanding is that post-op ACDF patients should not have their cervical spine adjusted by a chiropractor, but that has been the only treatment I have found online.

I just had a cervical MRI and it was normal, yet almost 2 years after surgery, I am still in pain and now this "popping" has started.

Since the surgery, I have also been diagnosed with Reyunards (sp) Phenomenon and Fibromyalgia. Could my surgery have created these other issues?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.


hello, great questions. I usually get the same questions repeated over and over again without people looking up my old questions answered.
this is a new one! First to post your MRI too. THANK YOU!
I have been in practice over 11 years and have GENTLY adjusted people with fusions in both the lumbar and cervical spine. The chiropractor must take special care when re-aligning your spine and use some of the various gentle techniques. such as: activator, arthrostim, NUCCA, toggle recoil and cranial sacral to name a few. It's difficult for me to see your MRI. Looks like your MRI is upside down (i believe you had a fusion of C4,C5, C6)IF this is correct then toggle recoil would be ok because it focus' on atlas (C1). I am assuming you had:
#A Bone graft substitute comes from man-made plastic, ceramic, or bioresorbable compounds. Often called cages, this graft material is packed with shavings of living bone tissue taken from your spine during surgery. If this is the case you can be adjusted , But i stress, GENTLY!!
Especially if you are still in pain.
If you think about it, your bones have been fused together making them essentially one vertebra. Why wouldn't you want to get those bones aligned properly??? other then your doctor scaring you and telling you not too.
there are other types of grafts used like:
# Autograft bone comes from you. The surgeon takes your own bone cells from the hip (iliac crest). This graft has a higher rate of fusion because it has bone-growing cells and proteins. The disadvantage is the pain in your hipbone after surgery. Harvesting a bone graft from your hip is done at the same time as the spine surgery. The harvested bone is about a half inch thick ?the entire thickness of bone is not removed, just the top half layer.
# Allograft bone comes from a donor (cadaver). Bone-bank bone is collected from people who have agreed to donate their organs after they die. This graft does not have bone-growing cells or proteins, yet it is readily available and eliminates the need to harvest bone from your hip. Allograft is shaped like a doughnut and the center is packed with shavings of living bone tissue taken from your spine during surgery.
Either way you can have gentle chiropractic care by an experienced doctor of chiropractic. You must get OFF the pain meds (they are extremely addictive and dangerous)
Now, In regards to your reynauds and fibromyalgia that is much more complicated. I don't want to speculate without knowing your history. Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis that is so loosely used and i have a problem with that diagnosis. That can be diet related, food allergy related. I also don't want to specualte because i don't know your diet, history, etc..
If you tell me where you live maybe i can find you a great chiro to help you.

David Kulla, DC
Synergy Wellness
New York City

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