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Toe pain at night, leg pain worse at night.
9/26 8:42:41

I am 34 year old mother of 3. I was diagnosed with diabetes 5 years ago and lupus 4 years ago. I am fairly controlled with both of these illnesses however for the last few weeks when I go to bed my legs feel like there are ants crawling in them and my toes just throb. The pain is at times a 10 pain causing me to lose many hours of sleep. They are painful on both sides but not always at the same time. It hurts just to have a blanket touching it and is hot. I even started taking different over the counter sleep aids and nothing really helps because this pain is blinding at times.


You should immediately report this to your primary care physcian! You may have a condition called peripheral neuropathy. This could be caused by the diabetic syndrome you have or the medications given too you.

This is something that needs further care and face to face appointment and is too involved to diagnose in this forum.

I hope this helps in your medical decision making.

Dr John Q Quackenbush

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