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Numbness in arm and hand
9/26 8:41:44

In August 2010 one day my pinky on my left hand went numb on one side than starting moving to next finger and so on . The numbness worked itself up my arm and into my shoulder. If I tilt my head back and to the left it is sharp electrifying burning all the way to finger tips. I an going to get a nerve test done. I will than follow up w the bone and joint specialist. Nobody knows?????? What is wrong with me?

Your problem is extremely clear. They are running those tests because they make money from those tests. They also definitively help diagnose the condition. You have a pinched nerve causing the numbness and pain into your arm and finger. You have a bundle of nerves (brachial plexus)  in the bottom of your neck and upper back just above the shoulder blades (in the center of your spine) that controls all sensation in your arms. T1 nerve specifically controls the sensation in your pinky finger. This is why moving your head exacerbates the problem. The medical approach or a neurologist approach is medication (will not fix your problem , will only mask your symptoms) or physical therapy which only deals with muscles and tendons NOT nerves. Physical therapy may help but will take longer. Chiropractic is the only form of health care that will get to the cause by removing nerve pressure by re-aligning the spine. go see a chiropractor with experience and if things don't improve in 4-6 weeks then get an MRI.
Good luck!

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