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Kick Boxing after Cervical Radiculopathy
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I suffered from cervical radiculopathy in the month of Feb.11 (23 Feb) and was put on bed rest and traction for 3 weeks. At present, I still have a bit of numbness in my right arm. I was told that the C5-C6 disc in my spine had bulged out and pressed on my c6 nerve which resulted in immense pain and numbness and tingly sensation in only the thumb.
I still have a bit of numbness and stingy sensation in the arm and thumb. It has been 3 months since the onset of the pain. There is hardly any pain.
I am interested in knowing whether I can take up kick boxing / muay thai and after how long? My physiotherapist has suggested that I do not take any such activities ever, in my life. I wanted to get a second opinion and hence, would like your views on the same.

ANSWER: Nilopal,

Well the safe answer is to never kick box again!! Even though I know you do not want to hear that. I do not necessarily agree with that statement but without examining you personally I really cannot say it is safe to return to kick boxing. Given the fact that you are having pain down your arm really negates you from participation at this time. You must realize that further damage could lead to paralysis or even  death!!

In an ideal world you could under go non surgical spinal decompression in conjunction with chiropractic care to see if you could in fact correct the cause of your radiculopathy.

So just to re-iterate you should not get into kick boxing at this time becuase you are still having symptoms. For the future you will need to find a sports orientated chiropractor, physiatrist or medical doctor to give you medical clearance.

I hope this helps your decision process and I am sorry that I cannot give you clearance but without an examination in person I cannot legally ethically and morally tell you can kickbox again. Please follow through with a sports orientated healthcare provider as mentioned above.
Dr John Q Quackenbush Chiropractic Physician

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your response to the previous question. Can you please advice the kind of fitness activities that I can take up in the future? Can i do crunches, sit ups, pull ups and other forms of exercise? What kind of sports activities can i undertake in future?

Hey thx for the great review. I definitely think you can go ahead and exercise and do all of the exercises you mentioned but be ever mindful not to strain the neck. Example when you are doing crunches make sure you are not pulling on your neck with your hands that are usually placed behind the head. I think you can even lift weights but don't do any thing that stresses the neck. If you are exercising and you feel stress to the neck then immediately stop that activity and pick another.

You are able to take up sports but you have to understand you must protect your head and neck. Contact sports are out. You can go to aerobic classes you may even be able to do spin classes as long as your head posture does not cause stresss to the neck. If it hurts stop that activity.

Look into kettlebell training and clubbell traing. I think is a good url address. Look into

Good luck and enjoy exercising to moderation

Dr John Q Quackenbush

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