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reverse neck curvature
9/26 8:41:08

I have been experiencing headaches & neck ache for the past few months. Today while in a seated position I started to experience extreme head & neck throbbing, dizziness, nausea, disorientation, heart racing, shakiness, tingling sensation & discoloration. It happened 2 times within a 20 min period and would last about 10 min per episode after lying flat with a cold rag & ice on my neck. The third episode abt 15 min later the ambulance was called. By the time of their arrival all symptoms had subsided but the head & neck ache & trobbing. All blood work came by clear. I was sent for a cat scan. The results were that I have a reverse neck curvature.  And I was sent home with the very casual recommendation of contacting my physician to schedule more blood work and a MRI.  Never hearing of this condition before I researched on the internet. And came across the website with Dr. Leatherwoods reply abt the same condition. This seems to be a very serious condition and I am very concerned. Can you please advise me on this condition.
Thank you,

Yes, a reversed cervical curve is nothing to take lightly.  I am sorry to say that the reason the MD's didn't have much to say about it is because they do not have a solution for it.  What they should be doing is referring you to an Upper Cervical Specific Doctor of Chiropractic as this is THE best trained professional for this situation.
When the cervical spine gets mis-aligned to such a degree that it reverses the curve when looking at it from the side (Lateral), it will put a torque and tension on the Brainstem and Spinal Cord that interferes with the mental impulse.  It also will restrict bloodflow to the brain and head.
You will need to see a specialist and if you send me your location I will see if I can locate for you that can help you and is hopefully not too far away from your home or work.
Since there are maybe 200 in the world, it is not uncommon to have to travel for hours to get to one.  We have many patients who come to us from other states and even other countries and to them it is completely worth it to get well.
Yours in Best Health,

Dr Robert Arnone
St Louis, MO

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