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  I had something happen to me which I never experienced before.  I love to walk and walk a couple of miles a day in good weather.  One day I felt a clicking in my right knee.  It was painful but I thought I could walk it through.  But it didn't go away and sometimes it is painful, sometimes not but it is there all the time now.  What can I do about it and will it get worse?

Darien Chiropractor
Darien Chiropractor  
Thanks for asking it is a great question. Clicking becomes more normal with each passing year. Pain does not have to be part of the equation.My advice to you will be based on your age.
If pain persists I advice you to see an orthopedic. Going to a general practitioner will only delay your seeing the right doctor. I would recommend an ortho over a chiro, please don't tell my peers they may want to hang me for being a heretic.
If you are below 55 years old and you have no history of trauma here is my suggestion. Grab the banister on your stairway and make sure it is sturdy and can hold your weight. Raise your good leg off the floor and attempt a single leg squat with the affected side. Only go to the point of pain and if you can tolerate it. We don't need you to be a hero. You may here more clicking I am not worried about clicking. I am concerned that you do not experience any more pain. So if you can handle it continue to do squats with the bad knee going deeper each time for 10-15 reps. For good measure do the good side an equal amount of reps.
Ice immediately afterwards for 15 minutes and repeat the next day. Give it a few days if it improves you are fine if it stays the same or worsens call an orthopedic.
I hope this helps you
Dr. Brian McKay

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