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Fun Water Exercises To Stay Fit
9/23 10:27:17
Exercise routines done in the water are highly recommended for people with fractured bones and arthritis. They're also good for overweight people with knee problems. Water puts no stress or pressure on the joints, making it ideal for exercising. Also, you spend more energy performing movements under the water than on the ground because of water resistance. This makes you lose weight faster than when doing aerobics in the gym. Here are some water workouts that you can try:

Aqua Aero and more: You can now do aerobics, kickboxing, cycling, and even yoga in the water. These are highly intense workouts that would not cause any stress on your joints. Now you can have more fun in the water and lose weight at the same time.

Aqua Jogging: Jogging in the water burns more calories compared to using treadmills. You can burn fifteen calories/min while running in the water. You can wear a buoyancy gadget or belt for you to float.

Water Resistance Workout: Water provides resistance naturally and this can help tone your muscles when underwater. Use water barbells and webbed hand gloves for additional resistance.

Rowing, kayaking, and Canoeing: If you are the adventurous type, try water sports like rowing, kayaking, and canoeing. These activities allow you to burn 300-600 calories/hr.

Here are some tips when doing water workouts:

* Take it slow. Start with a few workouts per week to get your body adjusted to the rigorous exercise routine. Increase the number of workouts per week as your body increases its strength and endurance.

* Wear the proper attire. Invest in aqua shoes, which support your feet better than being bare foot.

* Bring a sports water bottle to keep you hydrated.

* Before enrolling in an aquatic class, make sure that the school and the instructors are certified.

* Work out in pairs. Never do water exercise alone in a river, lake, or any secluded location. Be sure you are with someone just in case some untoward event happens.

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