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Yoga Exercises For Back Pain
9/21 16:53:56

Back pain, second only to cold, is the most common health problem in the world. Several yoga exercises are effective to overcome back pain. Let us take a look at a few of them.

Yoga is a set of certain exercises, postures, and breathing techniques. It has gained immense popularity in recent times as it is remarkably effective in providing relief from pain. Yoga improves health, increases resistance, relieves stress, and is also a great way to stay limber. It has been practiced since a long time, and is not something new. Practicing yoga regularly improves physical and mental strength, increases flexibility of the body, and also makes it less vulnerable to diseases.

Yoga is found to be one of the most efficient techniques to relieve back pain. Kidney diseases, ovarian disorders, injuries to muscles or ligaments, ruptured disc, spondylitis, constant stress, tension, wrong sitting postures, etc., are some of the common reasons for back pain. You can ease back pain by practicing these simple yoga exercises at home.

It is recommended to consult the doctor and identify the exact cause of back pain before following these exercises.

Yoga Exercises to Treat Back Pain:
  • Lie flat on your back with your legs and arms relaxed. Inhale, and bring your left knee closer to your chest. Hold it with your hand for some time. The other leg should remain flat. Exhale and return to your original position. Repeat with your other leg.
  • Lie flat on your stomach with your forehead touching the ground. Stretch your arms and let your palms touch the ground. Now try to lift both the legs. Hold them such that you do not experience pain. Try to lift your head. Hold this position only for a few seconds and then return to your original position. This is known as the locust position.
  • Lie flat on your back with the arms at your sides and legs at a natural position. Relax and breathe slowly. This is known as corpse position. It helps in releasing stress and minimizing back pain.
  • Stand with your weight evenly distributed on both legs. Inhale and raise both arms above your head. Intertwine the fingers of both your hands. Stretch your arms as much as you can. Now, without returning to normal position, try to stretch your legs as well. Stretch your complete body and try to hold it. Slowly return to the original state. If you find it difficult to balance, try to do this exercise with your body against the wall for support.
  • People rarely bend sideways even though it is an excellent exercise for your back. Stand and move your legs apart. Stretch your arms towards the sides. Bend and try to touch the ground. You must not bend your knees. It may be possible that you will be unable to touch the ground during the initial days. But, you must try and stretch as much as possible without experiencing pain. Return to the normal position.
  • Stand straight with your weight evenly distributed on both legs. Inhale and raise your arms upwards. Slowly bend forward and try to touch your toes. You should try to do this without bending your knees. Hold on for a few seconds and return to the original position. Do not overstretch if you cannot touch your toes. Instead, try to touch your calves or ankles.
  • Stand straight without bending your knees. Bend your head backwards keeping your spine straight. Stretch the arms towards your sides, just below shoulder level. Try to stretch your arms to their full capacity without experiencing pain, and without bending your back.
Will power and control is needed to practice yoga. Back exercises are found to be very effective to relieve chronic back pain. Once you are familiarized with the techniques, you can try to move to the next level. Remember to take your comfort level into consideration. Do not exceed your capacity as it can result into muscle injuries or further complications. Yoga exercises must be practiced strictly under the supervision of a certified yoga instructor or expert. So, motivate yourself to start practicing yoga exercises to minimize your back pain!

Disclaimer: This article is meant only to provide information. It is recommended to consult the doctor or a certified yoga trainer before going for these exercises.

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