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Bone Condition
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Bone Condition- Testimonial by Chris
Eliminate Osteoarthritis Pain and Inflammation Using Natural Products

If you have been diagnosed with Bone Condition and are concerned with what Bone Condition is and how to find a proper and effective treatment, the following information may help you to discover a Natural Treatment that can substantially reduce the symptoms. This treatment can reverse the progression of the disease and improve your quality of life. It has been proven that the pain and stiffness from Bone Condition can be eliminated naturally.

WHITEE Patch Eliminated Knee Pain from Bone-on-Bone Osteoarthritis
Patients from Massachusetts, June 2008

In December of 2006, I had artherscopic knee surgery which was only mildly successful. Although it cleared up scar tissue, it was, obviously, unable to replace the cartilage which I have almost completely lost in my left knee due to bone-on-bone osteoarthritis condition. Six months of painful physical therapy brought me no closer to mobility and I was finally referred for a knee replacement. I am only 56 years old and I refused.

At that point, I started using the WHITEE patch and drinking the LC Balancer--I did the first two months of a three month prescription and since then have occasionally done touch up treatments. I whole heartedly believe in this product. I can't say that I am 100%, but I am very active and only mildly uncomfortable compared to what I felt before. Someone at work just randomly handed me a sample patch that she had picked up somewhere and after wearing it for several days I was sold---that quickly!

Osteoarthritis Treatment Using Alternative Medicine

Osteoarthritis is referring to degeneration of joint structure including cartilage and the subchondral bone next to it.  Symptoms include joint pain, tenderness, stiffness, inflammation, and creaking of joints.  It may arise from trauma, age related wearing and tearing, genetics and other medical condition such as hormonal disorder.  It was believed that the process is irreversible and typical treatment is focusing on pain reduction that consists of medication with NSAIDs, local injections of glucocorticoid or hyaluronan, and joint replacement surgery in severe cases.

With the treatment of our WHITEE Patch, the damaged joint cartilage structure can be restored and the associated pain can be reduced or eliminated.  WHITEE Patch helps improve the joint structure and function by increasing blood flow and lymphatic circulation, and by accelerating the biological activities necessary for damage repair.  The LC Balancer product, an oral supplement, is also recommended to improve the systematic microcirculation and assist in achieving sustained results for patients with severe condition or patients over 50. 

Patients usually notice improvement in 8 days with 3-patch treatments, or in 17 days with 6-patch treatments for severe conditions.  For elderly patients with osteoporosis, however, it may take up to a full month.  Treatment times range from 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the condition.  It is recommended to evaluate the treatment results every 2 weeks.  If there is no significant improvement within 1 month, contact Wei Laboratories for a customized treatment. Patients may feel the pain worsening during the first 8 days as healing begins.  If the condition is related to aging, symptoms may eventually return and another 17-day treatment may be required.

1) Mild and Moderate Osteoarthritis
6 WHITEE Patch treatment is recommended for mild and moderate osteoarthritis or early stage osteoarthritis without physical deformation and swelling.  LC Balancer is recommended for patients over 50, over weight, diabetics, or with conditions over the extremities such as finger and toe joints.

2) Severe Osteoarthritis
A continuous 3 month treatment with the WHITEE Patch and LC Balancer is recommended for severe osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis in multiple joints, over extremities, or at the knee/hip joints where transdermal access is limited. It includes 3 treatment sessions Each session takes 1 month and requires 6 WHITEE Patches (17 days on followed by 14 days off) and 4 LC Balancer.  Patients should have significant pain reduction (about 50%) after the 1st session.  After the 2nd session, patients generally experience about 75% symptom elimination.  The 3rd session is recommended to achieve sustained optimal results.

3) Osteoarthritis in Bone-on-Bone Condition
Patients may have 20-30% improvement with 1 month treatment and 3 months of treatment is required.

Usage Information
WHITEE Patch: Keep the patch on for 48 hours.  Take a 24 hour break before applying a new one.  The small patch is for finger and toe joints.  The medium patch can be used for most other joints.  The Large patch is recommended for hip or severe knee osteoarthritis. Patients with swollen joints may retain extra fluid under the patch during the first week.  Please remove the patch, clean off the fluid, and then reapply the patch.  The tape is waterproof.  Patients can shower or swim with it.  Use vegetable oil to remove possible herbal residue on the skin and use Oxi-Clean to remove stains from cloth.
LC Balancer: Take 1 teaspoon (5mL), 3 times a day.  It can be mixed with fruit juice or honey to improve the taste.

1) Avoid using ice to reduce pain as they slow and interrupt the body’s repair processes. 
2) Patient may develop slight skin irritations caused by the disposal of metabolic toxins at the skin. This has been observed in about 50% of chronic cases. The irritation generally lasts less than a week.  Topical Aloe Vera Gel is recommended to cope with itching. 
3) Patients with pre-existing stomach conditions such as gastritis may experience light stomach ache or loose stool, lasting a period of 1 week. 
4) Patients who are taking high dosage of vitamins or minerals should reduce them to regular dosage to avoid overdose, as LC Balancer improves absorption

I have found that Wei Laboratories has very unique natural products. For patients with osteoarthritis or other bone-on-bone problems, their WHITEE Patch and LC Balancer achieves can achieve 95% success in treating those conditions.  The treatment can help patients avoid joint replacement surgeries. Patients are brought back to full functionality with sustainable pain elimination. The treatment takes 2 weeks for mild degeneration or up to 3 months for a bone-on-bone condition.  If you have further questions, I recommend you call Wei Laboratories at 1-888-919-1188, e-mail:  Click or further information.

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