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Causes of Arthritis And Its Home Remedies
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Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease characterized by wearing out of joints. Joints are the union or meeting point of two or more bones. Joints bear the body weight and are susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore joints should be taken special care of. Joints bear cartilages that cushion and allow free, flexible and friction less movement of bones. When cartilage pads are lost due to degeneration, bones collide and wear out, resulting in arthritis. An arthritic joint is inflamed, stiff, tender, warm, red and highly painful.

Arthritis joint pain completely cripples an individual, and those plagued by arthritis joint pain find it quite difficult to perform even the simple day to day tasks of life. Among the many types, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout are commonest. Osteoarthritis occurs due to loss of cartilage and friction between bones. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder. It occurs when a misdirected immune system invades healthy joint tissues. Gout is the result of uric acid crystallization within joints. All major and minor joints may come within the clutches of arthritis. The causes of arthritis may be listed as follows:

1. Cartilage degeneration
2. Natural aging of joint
3. Inactivity
4. Nutritional deficiency
5. Wrong eating habit
6. Metabolic imbalance
7. Stress
8. Obesity
9. Bone infection
10. Bone fracture
11. Heredity
12. Faulty joint alignment
13. Over-active immune cells.

Home Remedies

1. Lime juice checks arthritis, for lime functions as a major solvent for uric acid crystals which are one of the causes of arthritis. Drinking lime juice diluted with water every morning in empty stomach yields good results.

2. Alfalfa tea is good arthritis cure. It supplies the body with necessary minerals required for bone formation.

3. Bogbean weed is useful for treating arthritis as it checks inflammation.

4. Grated raw ginger may be consumed or ginger tea may be taken daily to get relief from joint degeneration, pain and inflammation.

5. Epsom salt, rich in magnesium, fosters bone growth. One may mix a pinch of the salt in fresh lemon juice and take daily. Epsom salt warm water bath alleviates joint stiffness and inflammation.

6. One teaspoon of flax seed oil if taken regularly prevents arthritis. Flaxseed oil may be used in cooking also. Grinded flax seeds may be sprinkled on to meals. Rich in omega 3 fats, flaxseed enables the body to produce an anti-inflammatory hormone called prostaglandins.

7. Consuming a teaspoon of cod liver oil daily prevents arthritis related pain and inflammation.

8. Half teaspoon cinnamon powder mixed with honey may be consumed before breakfast daily. This is an effective arthritis home remedy.

9. One teaspoon turmeric powder may be taken along with milk to get rid of joint inflammation and pain.

10. Camphorated mustard oil or coconut oil massage alleviates the symptoms of arthritis. Hot vinegar, paraffin or olive oil can also serve the purpose.

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