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Thigh Pain During Pregnancy
12/2 11:11:30

Pregnancy symptoms and side effects, such as thigh pain, can put a lot of pressure on the already stressed pregnant woman. Go through this Buzzle article to find out the causes as well as treatment options for this condition.

Pain, whether in the back, thigh, or hip, is a very commonly experienced problem in pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, her body is under a lot of stress due to various hormonal changes taking place in her body, and also, because of the weight of the growing uterus, especially in the last trimester. Besides, there are several other reasons as to why a pregnant woman will experience thigh pain in pregnancy. Below is a list of all the reasons, followed by the steps that an expectant mother can take to minimize her discomfort.

Inner Thigh Pain

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction or SPD, is a condition that is caused when the ligaments that keep both the sides of the pelvic bone held together tightly at the symphysis pubis (a joint of the pubic area), relax due to the hormone "relaxin". This softening of the ligaments takes place, so that the baby can be delivered easily. In some cases, the ligaments may loosen in excess, making the pelvic joint unstable. This causes tremendous pain in the pelvis, hips, and the inner thigh region, especially when she stands or walks, or moves her legs. Some other symptoms of SPD are pain and discomfort upon opening one's legs, a feeling experienced by the woman that her bones are grinding, and there may also be a clicking sound when she moves her legs.

If a woman is experiencing these symptoms during pregnancy, she should inform her doctor about it. If SPD is confirmed, an obstetric physiotherapist should be consulted. To get rid of the pain, a woman can wear a pelvic support belt, which helps in keeping the bones in their proper position and thus, offers some relief. Secondly, if a woman undertakes certain exercises, such as pelvic tilts or Kegels, they can strengthen the muscles in the pelvic region and thus, aid in stabilizing the pelvic joint. Lastly, taking certain precautions, such as, not lifting weights or not standing for long hours, will help in keeping the pain under control.

Hip and Thigh Pain

Hip and thigh pain is caused due to a condition known as Sciatica. It occurs when the sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back to the legs and the feet, is compressed. The main reason behind the compression of the sciatic nerve is the growing size of the uterus during pregnancy. Some of the commonly experienced symptoms of Sciatica are, tingling sensation as well as numbness in the affected region accompanied by pain.

Pain caused due to Sciatica, in most cases, goes away by the end of the pregnancy period, due to the changes that take place in the position of the baby in the uterus. To minimize sciatic pain, a hot compress should be applied to the affected area. Having a bath with warm water, and sleeping on the other side, where pain is not there, helps in minimizing the pain too.

A pregnant woman should try to relax and have a good night's sleep to minimize all the symptoms. For this, forming a routine of exercises as well as some relaxation techniques, will help tremendously. Thigh pain in pregnant women, is a temporary condition, which goes away once the baby is delivered. Although, it can make giving birth a little uncomfortable for the mother, yet by talking to and consulting the doctor, a woman can come up with a position of delivery that will not be very painful or bothersome.

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