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Pain in Thigh When Walking
12/2 11:11:26

This article provides some information about pain that is experienced in the thighs while walking, that might prove beneficial.

Pain in thigh when walking is attributed to a plenty of factors. This happens when we sit for a long time and then resume walking. Tired muscles or numbing of the nerves are the basic reasons behind experiencing thigh pain. More often it happens when we perform sportive activities or begin to stretch our muscles while working out. However, when the pain goes beyond toleration, then one needs to go for a medical check up.

General Causes

The general causes for the pain are associated with sudden muscular injury or sprains. They are elaborated below.

Quadriceps Muscle Pull
The muscles present in the frontal region of the thigh are known as the quadriceps. When this muscle gets overstretched, it causes pain and numbness. Under such a condition, one would experience numbing pain in upper thigh while walking.

Groin Muscle Pull
Sudden twitching of groin muscles cause inner thigh pain when walking. This happens as a result of the jerks being actively engaged in sports. Chronic pain is experienced if the adductor muscles are ruptured.

Hamstring Muscle Pull
The muscle that runs from the hips to the back of the knee is known as the hamstring muscle. When hamstring muscles get pulled, it gives rise to thigh pain and numbness. It also restricts movement unless the pain subsides.

Muscle Spasms
Muscle spasms take place due to sudden jerky movements. It can affect the entire leg and thus, walking or sitting becomes very difficult. Sharp pain in thigh is experienced when a spasm attacks.

Clinical Causes

Clinical causes refers to certain conditions that requires proper treatment after diagnosis. Thus, take a note of the conditions, that cause pain in thigh when walking.

Osteomyeletis is a pathological condition when the thigh bones get inflamed due to bacterial infection. It causes a sharp pain in the bones limiting movement of legs. The affected region gradually becomes red and sore along with formation of localized pus.

One of the most common cause is osteoarthritis, affecting females more than males. The bones of the thigh degenerate due to deficiency of calcium. Osteoarthritis causes terrible thigh pain as the sensation is directly perceived by the bones.

Meralgia Paresthetica
The nerve present between the thigh and spinal cord when injured gives rise to a condition known as Meralgia Paresthetica. It causes burning sensation and severe pain in thigh muscles. Walking is ceased for that particular time.

A lipoma is an uncontrolled growth of bones and tissues in any region of the body. It can affect the bones of the thighs as well. It's actually a tumorous growth affecting the bones in the thigh giving rise to sharp pain in the thigh when walking.

Myositis Ossificans
This is once again a painful condition wherein the sheath surrounding the thigh bone is damaged due to injury or fracture. Subsequently, the bone starts growing and there is considerable calcification. Thus, the pain also increases accompanied with a burning sensation.

Hernia in spinal disc when seeps to thigh bones give rise to severe pain. That is, sharp thigh pain is experienced while walking or sitting. Immediate medical check up is required under such conditions.

General symptoms are easily cured with pain killers and pain relief gels or ointments. The symptoms that are associated with clinical causes are diagnosed with an X-ray and then the correct treatments are initiated. Proper physiotherapy and thigh exercises are required to get rid of the muscle pain due to twitch and spasm. This way, thigh pain is eventually eliminated.

Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.

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