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Back Pain in Teen
9/23 17:22:07

Hi, my 14 yr. daughter started complaining of lower back pain several months ago.  Dr.'s visit revealed 10% curvature and ANA of 1:160.  All other bloodwork was fine.  We have strong family history of RA w/HLA B27 gene (my brother was severely disabled w poss. reiters syndrome).  She is now taking 800 mg. ibuprofen/daily, which has helped, but not completely taken pain away.  She does have a slight case of vitiligo (might this make ANA pos.?).  Dr. has put in call to juv. rheumatologist, but have not heard back.  My daughter is active and slender with no other health issues.  Sed. rate and RF were normal.  My older daughter is HLA B27 positive (as am I) and had signs/pos. tests for lupus at age 4, but no problems since.  What do you think should be our next action?  Def. don't want JRA diag., but don't want to miss advance treatment.  Thank you


Sorry to here about your daughters condition. Your first step should be to see the Rheumatologist. I would call the doctor抯 office every day until you get the referral.

It is possible for vitiligo to cause a rise in ANA. There are other conditions that can do this to that can be associated with a curvature of the spine.

I am surprised that with a diagnosis of vitiligo that your daughter does not already have a Rheumatologist.

I wish your daughter the best.


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