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After Dawn Said
9/22 11:39:10

Key words: the boss cards employees to discuss salary broken leg [Abstract] help hard hair all day card, from Gansu who after dawn and his boss to the day for $50, didn't expect to catch up with the boss to play a bad mood, two were old plate and the 7 big fellow cuff and kick,abercrombie and fitch france, after the dawn of the left fibula to help the boss had made a day card,sac lancel pas cher, from Gansu who after dawn and his boss to the day for $50, didn't expect to catch up with the boss to play a bad mood, two people are the boss and 7 fellow cuff and kick, the left fibula after dawn kicked fracture, borrow all around.
2000 yuan before doing the operation,louboutin pas cher, and beat the boss lost.“ I hope you can help me find this hard-hearted boss, 3 children have to rely on me to keep it!” yesterday in Dunhua Road,hogan, a less than 10 square meters of cold small rental housing after dawn said.
Beg salary was a broken leg “ at the end of 1 I in the labour market, meet the boss Zhang,louboutin pas cher, he hired me and the other workers to send him a card, say $50 a day,supra shoes, that day settle, did not think of to just for 3 days,burberry, he will blame me.
” after dawn said,polo ralph lauren, he is from Gansu province Minxian Town,louboutin, already 39 years old this year,ralph lauren, the eldest son of dropout in a restaurant,abercrombie, two son in his hometown of Gansu school, little son just walk, they came to a castle in mid January, did not think of to just 3 days live by this catastrophe.
“ January 29th I sent him a card, night to pay the boss started to avoid the very next day, I and workers to pay,supra, the boss and the 7 friends in the van on poker, wait until dark did not see him for money.
” after dawn,abercrombie, he hurried home to little son cooking, urged the boss a, did not think of the boss and 7 Han together Wai cuff and kick,lancel, kick his left fibula fracture.The             hard-hearted boss to play “ &rdquo “ disappearance; they finished we fear we alarm, but also my mobile phone away,louboutin, I and workers hold to the telephone booth calling 110.
” after dawn said, because he had no money to be sent to the hospital after lying in the corridor bed, two days later to collect 2000 yuan of money to do a bone operation.“ I am lying in bed can not go out to work,sac lancel, injuring my boss Zhang hide away.
” after dawn, a boss is on van supply of liquefied petroleum gas, he was wounded and boss of the mobile phone has no answer.His two sons came from the family home in Taitung, ask a well-wisher to help find the cruel boss, but there is still no news of the boss.
“ later a boss to open a supermarket girlfriend came looking for me, give me 50 yuan is wages,abercrombie and fitch, but my medical expenses and loss of working time they no matter.” after dawn,abercrombie france, the boss's girlfriend said boss ran northeast to.
A life without a landing “ now I hurt like this, had rented a house can afford to live,abercrombie france, we all rely on the debt of life.” reporters in Dunhua road at a less than 10 square meters of small rental house saw lying in bed recovering after dawn,burberry soldes, his left leg is in plaster bandage.
Reporters then call a boss's mobile phone, but no one answered the reporter dialed, after dawn sends card liquefied gas company phone, the other side says boss Zhang had the phone to him, he did not know the whereabouts of a boss.

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