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Are There Any Cures For Arthritis Joint Disease?
9/22 17:43:13
Arthritis is an ailment that can even affect even the fittest person in the world. If you are an energetic person, arthritis can lead to you being unable to go about doing your routine tasks. Walking, running, jogging, cycling etc. will be painful to do with arthritis joint pains. In extreme cases, even going to the toilet will cause pain in the joints. Keeping fit when you are young does not qualify you to an arthritis-free life. You never know when the signs will emerge. It is better to lead a healthy lifestyle and minimize your chances of developing arthritis as you age.

Impact sports and other rough sports can aggravate a pre-existing genetic arthritic condition or even cause arthritis. Your routines and habits will decide how vulnerable you are. In contact sports, regular stress and impacts on the joints will weaken them and eventually it will lead to arthritis. If you have genetically inherited arthritis, you have greater chances of developing arthritis. Combine that with contact sports and you are making a deadly cocktail. Even if no one in your family had arthritis, it does not mean that you will not get it. However, having a genetic condition increases your chances of getting it. Also, although some people believe glucosamine supplements may cure the disease, all the research shows that it does not.

Those who exert a lot of pressure on their joints such as knees, ankles and feet have a higher risk of getting arthritis. This is why many athletes suffer from arthritis as they grow old. Wearing the proper gear can lessen the stress on the joints, but there is no guaranteed way to ease all of the stress on the joints.

Manufactures have designed state-of-the-art footwear, but they don't guarantee one hundred percent stress relief for joints. Wearing them improperly can actually lead to more issues.

What you do to your body during your younger years will impact your body as you age. Athletes and other sports persons are the most vulnerable, as the human body is not designed to endure long periods of body stress. Athletes go through tremendous stress to achieve and maintain the ideal body for sport. The supplements they take and the exercises they do can lead to negative effects. So, when the body gets weaker, the signs will show. When the signs appear, it is already too late to prevent arthritis. One can only hope to ease the pain and be able to bear the inflammation that is caused in the joints.

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