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Is Migratory Rheumatoid Arthritis Caused by Other Medical Conditions?
9/22 17:41:20
Painful, rigid joints are the main symptom of rheumatoid arthritis, the actual cause is still unknown although there are many theories about the possible causes. There are many types of arthritis and migratory rheumatoid arthritis is one of them. The symptoms differ little from the normal type, the condition seems to move from joint to joint but not in the same way as with normal Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)which has a typical symmetrical pattern. This type does not move from the right to the left but goes from joint to joint in the same body side. So there is a distinct difference in symptoms.

Do we know the migratory rheumatoid arthritis causes?

That question is not easy to answer because the are many different theories about the actual causes but if you look closer they all add up in the same way. There is a list of different medical conditions that seem to trigger migratory rheumatoid arthritis or are at least in some way connected to this illness. One of those medical conditions is enough to be the trigger it is not necessary to have all of them, one is nor than enough. Most of these medical conditions have in some way to do with the body's immune system.

The most common conditions are:

- Hepatitis B
- Hepatitis C
- Rheumatic fever
- Other forms of arthritis
- Lyme disease
- Whipples disease

There are many more and some of these conditions are illnesses that are quite uncommon in the western world these days. Vaccinations, inoculation an education have helped to eliminate the risk of getting these diseases. In countries where this is not the case the risks of catching these kind of condition is much higher.

From one joint to the other

Most of the symptoms of migratory RA are the same as with common arthritis these symptoms include pain in the joint area, stiffness in the joint, swelling ore other signs of inflammation. The most common is off course in all cases of arthritis that the pain is concentrated in and around the joints that are effected, there is just one very distinct difference between the common type of RA and the migratory variety and that is that it can spread from joint to joint and causing the symptoms there also.

Cure and Treatment

As with all other types of arthritis there is no cure, there are many different treatments both regular remedies as natural remedies that can help you to deal with the symptoms but an actual cure is still not in sight yet. Most of the time you can divide the treatment in to types, the painkillers and the ones that help the joint from getting stiff. Most regular medication can have severe side effects and this is a reason for more and more people to make the move to natural and homeopathic remedies. These work on a totally different level and the side effects are non existing or very temporally. Also the use of a diet is something that more people are trying. But remember with everything you do in both regular as natural treatment, you need to keep your doctor informed.

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