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Magnetic Jewelry For Arthritis
9/22 12:04:07

One method that has been effective in relieving arthritis pain is the use of magnetic bracelets. These bracelets are designed to improve circulation and boost the quantity of oxygen in affected areas of the body to reduce inflammation.

Basically, arthritis prevents blood to flow freely into the affected parts, consequently hampering circulation and gradually decreasing oxygen levels around the affected areas.

These bracelets, which are negative in polarity, enhance blood circulation in the affected regions which in turn have positive polarity. Consequently, enhanced circulation allows higher oxygen levels to enter the afflicted areas and effectively lessens inflammation. The result is that the pain associated with arthritis is considerably lessened.

Magnetic therapy and magnetic bracelets have been popular for several centuries, but only recently acknowledged by modern medicine as a reliable pain management treatment.

British researchers recently evaluated the efficiency of magnetic bracelets with different magnetic fields - one group was given bracelets with strong magnetic fields, others were given weak bracelets, while another group was given placebo or "dummy" bracelets without any magnetic field. After 12 weeks, it was shown that the group that wore the strong magnetic field experienced a huge arthritis pain relief, whereas the weak bracelet and placebo groups had little to no effects. This means that using magnetic bracelets can reliably alleviate arthritis pain, as long as the bracelet used has a strong magnetic field (170-200 Tesla).

In spite of insufficient evidence, magnetic bracelets are more and more popular in America as well as in a number of other western countries like Australia and the UK. In 1999, global sales of magnetic bracelets reached as much as $5 million. This is understandable, considering that there are millions of arthritis sufferers in the United Kingdom alone. At present, there has also been a substantial increase in the use of alternative non-western methods in addressing pain and different afflictions.

In deciding to use these bracelets, however, it is always recommended that you consult a physician first before proceeding. It is imperative that you do not discontinue any prescription medications or other arthritis treatments and trade them completely with magnetic bracelets, unless a physician tells you to do so. Magnetic therapy should also be avoided at all cost if you are pregnant, using electronic implants or a pacemaker, or currently using electric blankets or heating pads.

Keep in mind that there are various methods for managing arthritis pain, and not one must be discontinued completely. Other methods may continue to be successful in controlling symptoms even as you use magnetic bracelets.

A main advantage of magnetic bracelets is that they are inexpensive. In addition, magnetic bracelets are non-intrusive and do not cause any negative side effects unlike other chemical techniques. There is absolutely nothing to lose in trying magnetic bracelets for arthritis treatment. Without a doubt, it is well worth your $30 to $100 bucks to try one bracelet.

Magnetic bracelets still remain popular, as more patients are commending their reliability. Additionally, scientific researches have provided tangible evidence that magnetic therapy does work in treating arthritis pain. Therefore, if you've been experiencing arthritis pain for the longest time, magnetic bracelets can be the solution you've been searching for.

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