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Ayurvedic Cure For Erectile Dysfunction Problem In Males That Is Effective
9/28 10:25:05
More and more research organizations are considering the condition of ED to be a serious problem which has been linked to various other health risks. The study by US scientists found about 70 percent of the men die early if they are suffering from the condition. This kind of inefficiency effects even younger men under 40. Study on men below the age of 40 years showed at least 1 in 4 where suffering from it. The study was collected from 439 men where 26 percent were under 40 and suffered from newly developed condition of ED. It was observed that 50 percent of the men below 40 years were severely affected by the condition as compared to men above 40. The study found that although the group under 40 had higher testosterone T levels, low body mass index and did not suffer from medical issues, they were predisposed to the condition of ED.

Men below 40 suffered mostly from PE and in the above 40 group, the problem of bent erection was common. Excess medicine abuse and smoking in the young group was severely effecting the blood circulation and the cardiovascular system resulting in damage to nerves and blood vessels. Under treatment for the condition is common as there are a number of laboratory based harsh chemicals offered for enhancing T levels to prevent it that cause side effects. Ayurvedic cure for erectile dysfunction provides stable and safe options and ensures that the problem of poor blood flow and damage to the nerve endings will be restored.

A number of men suffer from the problem of ED and ayurvedic cure for erectile dysfunction offers out of ways to cure these problems. Booster capsule is the ayurvedic cure for erectile dysfunction that is made up of high protein herb such as Mucuna pruriens and natural mineral supplement Asphaltum Punjabinum. Various herbs (approx. 20 different herbs) in the capsules improve the general strength of tissues of the body to prevent loss of function.

Mucuna pruriens has neuro protective effects on body tissues and it contains anti-oxidants which can reduce damage to body cells. The herb contains a high level of L-dopa (5 to 7 percent) which helps in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, the condition which is believed to be responsible for PE in aging men. The pods of the plants have aphrodisiac value and were traditionally recommended for the treatment of nervous disorders and arthritis. The seeds of the plant have anti-microbial, anti-epileptic and anti-diabetic effects. This works as anti-inflammatory and as an analgesic.

The study find the herb is a good source of nutritional - linoleic and oleic acids. Linoleic acids are predominantly fatty acid, palmitic acid, linolenic acids and oleic acids. The linoleic acid is significant as it is important for metabolism at tissue level. It is responsible for the production of prostaglandins which have a role in lowering blood pressure and reducing the constriction of tissues resulting in smooth muscles. Ayurvedic cure for erectile dysfunction contains a number of complex phyto compounds which have nourishing nutritional value that helps to enrich tissues and promote well-being.

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