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Breathe Free Again! - Your Allergies wont be the same again
9/26 16:21:07

More than 50 million North Americans suffer from seasonal and year-round allergies. An allergy is a hyperactive response of the immune system to certain substances that are “foreign” to our bodies. These substances, called allergens, can range from food and pollen to drugs, environmental chemicals and dust.

Many people are exposed to allergens without developing allergic reactions. It is the individual’s overall state of health and the condition of the body that determines whether an allergic response results from exposure to an allergen.

According to Dr. Bernard Jenson and Dr. Norman Walker, they are both Nutritionists famous in the world of cleansing. Allergies result when the body has accumulated excess wastes, toxins and impurities. Improperly digested food, environmental toxins and impurities such as chemical additives, are absorbed into the body, travel through the circulation and lodge in the respiratory tissues, skin and other organ tissues. Our body’s first line of symptom can show up as allergies. We have a wonderful system that always wants to right it self, so the body will pull the toxins away from the major organs in the attempt to stay alive.

Cleansing is an effective preventative health measure to reduce the body’s stress and toxins, and the spring season is the optimal time of year for cleansing and detoxification. As the spring cleansing cycle is supported our natural world. In many cultures, spring is the traditional time to cleanse and rejuvenate organ systems sluggish from winter. This is especially important for those with spring and summer allergies.

It is important to cleanse the body before the allergy season begins to help prevent allergy symptoms from developing. A complete, easy-to-use cleansing program features key herbal components to cleanse, detoxify, soothe, and provide overall support to the colon and liver.

Milk thistle supports the liver which is responsible for processing substances that are foreign to our body and to make them friendly. The liver’s detoxification of chemicals and pollutants is an essential step in cleansing.

Fiber acts like a scrub brush inside your intestines, cleansing the build-up along the lining of the intestinal wall. Finally, a gentle laxative is needed to aid in the actual flushing of the unwanted toxins, which can be re-absorbed if proper elimination does not take place during the cleansing process.

Colonics by a registered colon therapist together with Nutritional changes are great support to increasing your immune system and lowering your toxic levels. Homeopathy also provides a safe alternative treatment for the relief of allergy symptoms without the side effects or drowsiness of conventional medicines. In addition to symptom relief, homeopathic allergy medicines go a step further with the use of specific allergens.

Exposure to these minute doses of allergens allows your body’s natural defenses to gently and gradually adapt. Over time, your body becomes less sensitive to exposure to these allergens, reducing the severity and frequency of future allergic reactions.

This spring, don’t let allergies get the best of you! A cleanse, colonics, nutritional changes and homeopathic allergy medicines can help you get the most enjoyment not only in the spring and summer allergy season, but all year round.

You can learn to breathe again!!

Suzanne Frenette
Colon Therapy, Nutritional Consultant AADP
Trust in the Process
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