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Learn About Available Options For Arthritis With Land OLakes Chiropractic Office
9/26 15:44:12
Chiropractic recognizes the relationship between the nervous system and overall health, focusing on proper alignment of the spine. Patients seek chiropractic care for many painful conditions, such as lower back pain and arthritis. Treatments are safe, non-invasive, and non-pharmaceutical.

Arthritis, or joint inflammation, is often caused by degenerative changes and may also affect connective tissues. This painful condition is a common component of the aging process and can occur throughout the body. Chiropractic offers a variety of therapies that reduce inflammation and help patients reach their health goals.

Patients who have arthritis or other conditions should consult a chiropractor or primary care doctor to be sure that adjustments and related therapies are compatible with, or a safe alternative to, current medical treatment they may be receiving. A Land O Lakes FL chiropractor is well-versed in a variety of conditions and treatments, and can advise patients accordingly.

Chiropractors utilize safe, effective approaches to reduce the painful inflammation of arthritis. Many inflammatory conditions respond especially well to Cold Laser Therapy, which combines Cold Laser Technology with LED light to regenerate diseased or damaged tissue, thereby activating the body's natural healing processes. Generally, a trial of 3-5 sessions is recommended to see whether this advanced therapy will be effective, but many patients experience improvement right away.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS) stop the transmission of pain signals by the brain, enabling the body to release endorphins, hormones that serve as natural painkillers. Lower-voltage treatments provide longer-lasting pain relief than higher-voltage stimulation. A Land O Lakes FL chiropractor works with patients to determine the frequency and duration of sessions needed to provide optimum results.

Another type of electrotherapy that uses higher frequencies than TENS is Interferential current (IFC). When higher voltages are applied to the skin, they penetrate more deeply, improving circulation and reducing inflammation in a wider range of tissues. IFC is recommended when TENS does not provide the expected results. Skin irritation may occur at treated sites; otherwise, IFC is considered safe.

Chiropractors also perform manipulations and adjustments to properly align the spine. When it is not positioned properly, pressure is placed on the nervous system, causing widespread pain and other complications.

Massage has proven beneficial for increasing range of motion and reducing pain, as this therapeutic technique reduces the production of hormones that contribute to stress and inflammation.

Practitioners also recommend healthy lifestyle choices to maximize the benefits of therapy. Patients are likely to be advised on healthy diet options, as eating well-balanced meals can reduce chronic pain and enhance general health. Exercise is often part of the rehabilitation regimen, too. Strength training, combined with aerobic exercise 2-3 times a week, offers a plethora of health benefits.

When patients arrive for their first visit, chiropractors will take a detailed history, noting specific health concerns. The care provider will conduct a thorough examination to determine whether spinal adjustments and other treatments are appropriate for addressing underlying problems. Practitioners select the most effective course of action and discuss it with patients.

A Land O Lakes FL chiropractor provides a wide selection of therapeutic options to manage arthritis and provide effective treatments for other inflammatory conditions.

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