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How Bad is Arthritis Knee Pain?
9/23 15:22:33

Many people who are just starting to develop arthritis ask the question of how bad their arthritis knee pain is going to be. Well you should know that the pain of an arthritis condition can really vary quite significantly from one situation to another, so one person may experience a great deal more or less pain than you.

The amount of pain that a person is going to experience as a result of their arthritis cannot be determined by any physician and instead will only be known by the patient once they begin experiencing it. So although you will not be able to know for sure just how bad your arthritis knee pain is going to be until you are actually going through it firsthand, here is some important information that will help you to get prepared for it and deal with it when it does come.

Arthritis Knee Pain

Anyone who has arthritis in the knees wants to make sure that they avoid as much arthritis knee pain as possible. There are a few helpful, simple tips that will be useful for this. For one, you are going to want to start limiting your activities. This may be hard, especially if you were a very active person before, but it is also imperative to your health.

If you want to avoid the most arthritis knee pain, then know that the more you walk the more the knee is going to hurt over time from walking, running, golf, tennis and other sports. Therefore, although you do not have to stop these things altogether, you are going to want to limit the amount of time that you are spending on them.

You should also help yourself by using a walking device such as a cane. This will help by taking a lot of the pressure off your legs and knees, and helping to prevent such intense knee pain as a result of the arthritis.


When it comes to finding a knee arthritis treatment, it is important that you and your doctor work together and that you choose the specific treatment that is going to be most appropriate for your condition and symptoms that you are experiencing.

The first treatment that most doctors suggest for arthritis of the knees is rest. Even just taking a day or two off work may help to ease your pain because you can lie around and relax, and take pressure off of the joints in the legs. Medication is the next step and will help with inflammation as well.

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