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Typical Knee Arthritis Symptom: How to Spot the Disease
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Being able to recognize arthritis symptoms is very important, especially if you are over thirty years old. That is because it is persons over the age of thirty who are most at risk of the disease, and who therefore need to pay close attention to their bodies and how they are feeling, and know how to recognize a knee arthritis symptom when they see one.

There is rheumatoid arthritis in the knee that can occur but also other types of arthritis as well, so here is what you are going to have to watch out for.

Common Symptoms

When it comes to watching out for a knee arthritis symptom, nothing is going to help you more than learning about what the most common knee arthritis symptoms are. One commonly experienced knee arthritis symptom is pain. You will probably start experiencing pain in your knees that you did not have before, and inflammation along with it.

The times that you will experience the most pain is when you have been using your knees for a long time so for instance if you just went running or if you have been working out a lot lately.

Pain or tenderness in the area is another common and quite obvious knee arthritis symptom. This will be aggravated by activity and movement, such as walking, getting up from a chair, typing, throwing a ball, and turning a key. Again, inflammation often comes along with this, and is indicated by joint swelling, stiffness, redness and warmth.

You may also notice unexplained weight loss, another common symptom of arthritis, and non-specific fever. Loss of range of motion or flexibility in a joint, joint deformity, and crepitus are all other common symptoms that you are going to want to watch out for.

You may only experience one knee arthritis symptom, more than one, all, or even none at all. Sometimes arthritis develops in the body without the person being aware, at least not until it is in so advanced a state that it is pretty hard to ignore.

If you ever do develop any of these symptoms, you are going to want to get in to your doctor and tell them about it. They will be perform a few standard tests in order to determine whether or not it is arthritis that you are dealing with and if so, make a proper diagnosis. Arthritis does not have to rule your life, as long as you use the right treatment.

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