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Rheumatoid Arthritis Supplements Arent Cheap
9/23 15:21:50

If you think that taking rheumatoid arthritis supplements would be a cheaper way of treating your rheumatoid arthritis, think again. Just one bottle of rheumatoid arthritis supplements can cost more than a doctor visit. Since this is a progressive disease of your immune system, you will wind up at the doctor's sooner or later; it might as well be sooner. And please don’t use this article in the place of a doctor's diagnosis and advice. This is just an overview to help urge you to go see your doctor.

Let Your Doctor Know

Because of complications combining drugs, herbal remedies or nutritional supplements, let your doctor, rheumatologist, acupuncturist or even your local witch doctor know what rheumatoid arthritis supplements you are taking. Ideally, you'll ask them about taking rheumatoid arthritis supplements BEFORE you take them. That's your safest option.

The Right Supplement For The Right Affliction

You also want to know that you are taking supplements specifically for rheumatoid arthritis and not for osteoarthritis, or any other kind of arthritis (and there over 100 more to choose from. Osteoarthritis does often respond well to nutritional supplements such as glucosamine – but not necessarily rheumatoid arthritis. It is still unknown whether diet plays any role with causing or aggravating rheumatoid arthritis.

Cod Liver Oil

The most touted rheumatoid arthritis supplement is cod liver oil. This is not to be confused with fish oil or cod fish oil – they are different oils, from different parts of the fish. You specifically need to take cod liver oil for about twelve weeks before you see any noticeable result. Some people repot feeling better after just ten days on cod liver oil, but that's only for some people. The cost of cod liver oil is going up as the cod fish stocks deplete.


This common cooking herb is best known in Indian curries, making the food a characteristic yellow color. This is one of the most recommended herbal rheumatoid arthritis supplements by practitioners of alternative medicine. The most recommended dose is a 300 mg capsule one to three times a day. Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle.

The Bottom Line

Are rheumatoid arthritis supplements effective? Sadly, the answer is yes and no. Since everyone's rheumatoid arthritis is different, then how any conventional drugs or alternative medicines are very hard to predict. Never take a supplement in the place of a doctor's diagnosis. Some people find that using both alternative and conventional medical therapies works best at managing their rheumatoid arthritis.

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