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Recycled Plastic Mugs As Promotional Items
9/22 15:18:53

Have you considered using recycled plastic mugs as promotional items, or for your office canteen?

Plastic is a highly attractive and versatile material, but unfortunately it is not biodegradable. Plastics take thousands of years to break down naturally. For a cleaner world, it is imperative that we all recycle discarded plastic items. Recycled plastic mugs are items that make a statement - they remind us all to use plastic wisely, and to care for our environment.

By using recycled plastic for your promotional mug, you will create an attractive mug that you will be proud of. Our recycled mugs are available in recycled black colour, which will give a strong background for your chosen design. When you use these recycled mugs as promotional items, why not add a recycle logo for greater impact.

Present the recycled mugs along with something that explains the benefits of recycling, and you will create an image of a responsible and ethical business that cares for environmental issues.

So what exactly are the benefits of recycling?

Benefits of Recycling

Recycling means less demand for the original raw materials. Extracting raw materials like plastics involve processes that are not environment friendly. If you reduce the demand for such materials, you are also reducing the volume of such unfriendly processes.

Plastic manufacture along with transporting the plastic goods, requires fossil fuels - a fast depleting resource. By recycling used plastic you reduce the demand for fossil fuels.

Recycling is an energy efficient process. Generating energy is a process that leads to pollution. The less energy that is used, the less the level of pollution.

If materials are not recycled they have to go somewhere, and our landfill sites are quickly becoming full. We need to think about the future.

How Can You Help?

At a personal level you can encourage recycling. Spread the word and make others aware of the issues and the significance of recycling. Separate your recyclable waste from any biodegradable waste and take to the relevant recycle sites.

Wherever possible, find some way to use discarded items. You may be surprised at the potential uses for items you would ordinarily throw away. Let your new motto be: Waste Not, Want Not!

At a business level, use recycled materials wherever possible. Responsible manufacturers are turning their attention to this aspect and finding it a very profitable proposal too. Discarded plastic bottles are being made into clothes and building materials, for example.

Buy recycled mugs for your office refreshment centres. Use recycled mugs as promotional mugs. Convey the recycling message along with your promotional message.

Cumulatively, these actions can make a big change.

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