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More Than Dog Treats: Top 5 Unique Gifts For Canines
9/26 15:55:22
demand and dogs really enjoy them! However, have you considered the other clever Dog treats make wonderful presents for your fellow dog owner. After all, these are in constant dog gifts you could purchase that your friends and family (and their furry companions) will appreciate? Learn about these not-so-standard dog gifts and which breeds they are ideal for. Remember, you can always throw in a small package of dog treats along with the non-edible present!

Plushy Dog Toys

Plushy dog toys can make a fun addition to a gift, or can be the entire gift themselves. Frugal shoppers can appreciate the price range, with a decent plush toy available for as little as $5. They can get more expensive, depending on the size and quality. You can always add in a box or bag of dog treats to go with the adorable stuffed cat or ball.

Before deciding to give this type of dog gift, consider the breed that will be using it. Plushy toys are generally not recommended for high energy dogs, which could be destructive. Large breeds will have an easier time tearing through fabric and gutting the toy, which will mean a short lifespan for your present and a mess to clean up for the owner. Small breeds, on the other hand, can get far more use out of a plush plaything.

Also consider spicing up your canine present with an uncommon plush toy. Rather than a stuffed bone or rolled up newspaper, try giving something more modern and unique. For example, Kyjen makes a rattle plush toy shaped like a blue octopus, affectionately named Oakley. The grinning expression amuses owners while the legs stimulate the dog's urge to play. These toys are even more enticing to pets because they are designed to retain the scent of the dog and owner.

Another option is to go with something more designer, perfect for the chic owner. A plush Barkingdales credit card is a fun gift to give, right down to the white poodle silhouette on the front. Tech-minded pet owners will love the iBone plush dog toy with sewn-on buttons.

Unique Treat Dispensers

If you really want to impress them, give a gift that is practical as well as attractive. Treat holders and dispensers come in all shapes, sizes and colors. However, if you want to give something a little more novel, the Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine is a great choice. This red dog treat dispenser is shaped like a gumball machine. Pet owners with children will love this gift, because their little ones will want to be a part of giving the dog a daily reward. The design has been slightly modified, with a big white bone to turn instead of a metal lever. The glass container is shatter proof as well. This is a great item for almost any breed, as long as smaller size dog treats are being used. Treats should also be dry rather than moist to avoid sticking to the inside of the dispenser. There are many unique gifts to give your fellow dog owners, so think beyond the standard bones and dog treats and find a present they can really appreciate!

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