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Injured toenail half-way off
9/21 15:05:01

About 2 months ago, I accidentally smacked my pinkie toe on my coffee table while walking past it.  It eventually turned black and started to grow out.  It never fell off.  Well recently, I accidentally kicked my sons walker and sort of tore the front 1/2 of the toenail off.  It was bleeding for a day or two then stopped. It's painless and there's no infection, but now the front 3/4 is completely not attached and is hanging on by the pack portion closest to my cuticle & I'm afraid it might just rip off if it gets caught on something.  Should I try to pull the rest of the nail off?  Should I leave it alone and let it falloff on its own? Thank you and I appreciate your time and assistance.

Hi Kristin,

I would not tear the toenail off.  This could lead to injury of the growth area of the nail and could cause excessive bleeding and higher risk of infection.  I would see a podiatrist to have the nail removed properely.  Another option would be to keep antibioic cream and a band-aid on the area and wait until it comes off on its own.  If it does get painful or red see a podiatrist.


Marc Katz, DPM
Tampa, FL
Advanced Podiatry

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