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tonal spasms
9/26 9:48:05

My 69 year old mother recently fell down the stairs and broke her neck resulting in sci.  She has increasingly painful and frequent spasms in her legs that radiate up into her arms, back and neck.  Botox was injected into the legs to stop the spasms and made them very minor for three months.  Since then she has received Baclufen and the spasms have increased as of late.  Have you found any other treatment to stop or minimize the spasms, either homeopathic or pharmeceutical?

hi Lori-

well you just named the 2 meds i've tried for it... the baclofen made me into a zombie, and i had to drive into dallas to get the Botox shots.

the more exercise a person gets, and the more stretching, the better the spasms seem to be. if she is tolerating the baclofen well you might be able to try valerian root (although you'll get a tolerance to any of those)

i eventually stopped taking anything for them, which is a give and take situation.  as i'm sure you know alot of handling sci is trial and error!

good luck
ps- swimming always helped alot if that is an option

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